Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Spring ‘16 features!!

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to highlight few of the essential and appealing features of Salesforce Spring '16. Most of these are not yet GA but will be available soon and will be ready to use.

  1. Create metadata in bulk using custom metadata loader - check how to use this -
  2. Global Picklists -
  3. Use @future to Avoid the Dreaded MIXED_DML_OPERATION Error in Apex Tests -
  4. setCreatedDate method in test class -
  5. SandboxPostCopy interface - to run script after a sandbox is created or refreshed -
  6. Broadcast Groups in chatter -
  7. Access your Box files in Salesforce using Files Connect for Box (Pilot) -
  8. Use Files without enabling Chatter -
  9. Track User Identity Verifications -
  10. Wave Application, Wave Dataset components are now available for change sets -
  11. Reorder criteria in Process Builder using Drag and Drop -
  12. DISTANCE() Support with Location-based SOQL Queries -

Important links

  1. Salesforce Spring ’16 Release Notes -
  2. Sign up for Spring '16 Pre-Release org -

Please share your valuable feedback! 

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